Stone Collecting Locally

There are so many places that are well known that you can travel a long ways to for collecting stones. If you are lucky, you might live near them. If not, look around your immediate area. Sometimes I feel that stone collectors feel that they can only find GREAT stones at the GREAT collecting spots that are widely known as “suiseki collecting spots”. Some times I feel like collecting, but can’t take a weekend or a few days to travel. With gas so expensive these days, that also makes it a financial dilemma.

Well, I have always had an urge to know all of the back roads around where I am living and in driving these back roads, have found some wonderful spots to collect. If you get out BLM land maps, they are a great resource as well as Forest Service maps and Park maps. You may not find TONS of stones to choose from, like in the large rivers, but you might find 1 or 2 good rocks in a day of roaming around in your local creeks and parks. Isn’t that what it is mostly about? Walking around, breathing the fresh air in the beautiful outdoors staring at stones? One of the best things about this is it is free!

Try This. Before you go collecting on the stone beds, stop and meditate. Imagine there is at least one great stone out there that WANTS to be found by you, WAITING to be found by some one that will appreciate its beauty.

Here are a few pictures of some of my local spots for collecting. I have also put in a few pictures of stones I found in these small spots.

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