My name is Jerry Braswell. I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains about 1 1/2 hours east of Sacramento, California in the U.S.A.

I have been a woodworker since 1983. I have built almost anything you could imagine in the fast paced cabinetmaking world.

I have always been interested in the ART of woodworking as opposed to the INDUSTRY I was working in.

After an encounter with a suiseki enthusiast, I was asked to make daizas for him and have made over 500 daizas since for friends and clients.

In 2007  I was asked to start making bonsai stands because of the need within the bonsai community for good quality custom sized stands.

 On the site  you can see a gallery of daizas I have made as well as a gallery of stands I have made. You can also order a stand or daiza via email.
I do vending at most of the bonsai shows in central California where you can buy my stands and suiseki as well as bring a stone to leave with me for a daiza or create a stand to be made.


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  1. Carl Wooldridge says:

    Jerry, your bonsai stands are the best I have seen! I am interested in your shohin gruop stand. I prefer the darker stand to the beautiful redwood color (judges insist on dark stands!). I also have several plants that are in consideration for the National show this June; I need a higher quality stand. Would you be willing to look at some pictures of these plants and design complimentary stands?
    Carl Wooldridge

  2. Great work and great site–I grabbed your link from Peter Tea’s blog


  3. Hi,

    This is about reciprocal links.

    We have a link to your site—Art of the Daiza–on our site: http://www.beyondsuiseki.com because both sites belong to a community of interest. [Beyond Suiseki is a hardcover book published in 2007 with a revised 2nd edition eBook published in Jan. 2012. It is a discussion of Asian style viewing stones with a gallery of 50 photos.]

    Hopefully you will list http://www.beyondsuiseki.com among the links on your site. For further information, please contact Philip Gerstle at pgerstle@sonic.net.

    Thank you very much,

    Manette Gerstle

  4. Drew Arnold says:

    Hi Jerry, Outstanding work, have been looking for someone that could create displays in harmony with the stone. Please contact me at sales@oceansartjade.com to discuss further. Thanks Jerry Drew

  5. Martha "Marti" Kolenski says:


    I belong to the Amador Bonsai Club and bought one of your works and just love it. My problem is this, my son-in-law saw it, loved it, and I would like to get one for him for his birthday in mid-May.
    Can I see the selection online or, if I must, drive to Moke Hill?

    Marti Kolenski

  6. Vern Maddox says:

    Hope this comment makes the digital trip. I say your stones on the Facebook auction and then discovered you work on stands and daiza. I definitely want to see more that you have for sale and will be contacting you about a stand. For general information, about how long does it take you to make a simple, medium size stand?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Vern Maddox
    Houston Bonsai Society

  7. Greg row SN says:

    Purchased a beautiful Mizutamari ishi in green nepherite/jadeite with a rosewood Diaza, from …
    Art in the garden in West Point CA. I did not mention this to you at the time but I had just returned from a month in Hokkaido and it seemed so funny to have just returned from Japan back home to wilseyville to find the foremost maker of Daiza and stone purveyor. I had never heard of suiseki
    Or Daiza until that day and certainly did not intend to purchase a Suiseki when I awoke that day. And yet I did.
    I just gave this as a gift to my father for Christmas and think he will be pleased.
    ill look for you at next years art in the garden hope to see you, I’ll keep looking for evocative stones in the meantime. There’s some stunning striated bedrock that is prevalent in the north fork mokelumne canyons, not sure how it would look as suiseki but from a natural perspective it is a landscape that I would be interested in recreating because of the strong emotions it supports.
    I’ll try to bring a sample rock or at a minimum photographs.

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