Stone Hunt!

October 13 the newly formed Calaveras Bonsai Club went on it”s first stone hunt.

It was a small group and we had a great time!

This is the first of many we will take in the future for this club. We went to the Mokelumne River near Jackson, Ca. where there are large rock beds with stones to choose. There is a wonderful park there along Electra Road  that winds up the river to the PGE powerhouse. We were there around 6 hours and found some good stones!

Got us into a little trouble, you have to watch for those Private Property signs!

Dan Balsley and his wife Marie, Marlene and Sylver Schaller and a couple from Sacramento, Nelson and Helen Lee along with myself went and it was a beautiful day!

I can’t wait for the next trip!

California Flower Stone - Side 1 California Flower Stone – Side 1

Side 2

Side 2

Waterfall Stone

Waterfall Stone

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1 Response to Stone Hunt!

  1. bonsaipotter says:

    Jerry… Beautiful stones found on what must have been a beautiful day. I’d like to know more about the Calaveras Bonsai Club and stone hunts in the future. Thanks, Steve McGrew

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