Large Shoji Screen

This is a large shoji screen I made for Frank Kelly and the club down in Canberra Australia.

It will be at the entrance to their National Bonsai Show May 17-20 this year.

It measures app. 70″ long x 30″ deep x 36″ tall.

It all folds together and I am also making a box for it to keep it in good shape.

The wood is Sapele wood from Africa and the paper is a laminated shoji paper that can be wiped off if it gets dirty and is very strong.

This can be ordered for $800 + shipping

DSCF6864 DSCF6865 DSCF6866

DSCF6874 DSCF6875 DSCF6877

About artofthedaiza

Daiza maker and Bonsai Stand maker.
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2 Responses to Large Shoji Screen

  1. Rolf Becker says:

    Great work!
    Best regards Rolf

  2. I don’t care who ya are…that there is a lot of work! Awesome job.


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