Care of Bonsai Stands

Recently, it seems, folks have been bringing me their bonsai stands that they have had for a while to be repaired. Some were dropped or scratched but others were coming apart which made me decide to write this blog.

You see, some that were damaged could have been prevented by the owners knowing a little more about a stand made of wood.

It is amazing what I have seen as far as how folks treat their stands that they have paid good money for! They toss them in their car after a show or leave them in their auto over night or all day in the blazing sun!

Stands are made of wood and wood expands and contracts in extreme temperatures. They should NEVER be left in a vehicle over night or for very long if the temperature drops to a very low degree. The most damage is done if they are left in a vehicle on a very hot day, especially if the sun can come through the window and beat down on the stand. This will surely cause it to start falling apart! Even if it is covered from the sun, it still gets very hot in a vehicle on a warm day, much hotter than the temperature outside. No matter how good the workmanship on a stand is or how it is assembled, this is going to cause the joinery to fail.

I always suggest a client spends a little extra for a good wood storage box for a nice stand. Even a cardboard box allows heat to penetrate, but a wood or plywood storage box protects it from direct heat and cold and also keeps a stand from getting “dinged” up when transporting it to and from the show.

We spend a good amount for a good stand and I hate to see them falling apart for lack of knowledge! I hope this post helps you to keep your stands in great shape and looking good for years to come!

DSCF3982 DSCF4504

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