A friend and I went on a hunt for small Murphys Stones and I hit the jackpot!

Murphys Stones are an unusual combination of two types of stone, limestone (grey color) and quartz ( brown or orange color) found near the small town of Murphys California.

The quartz is so hard and the limestone so soft that the rain “melts” the limestone away from the quartz and leaves “stalk” like quartz features that some times look to me like the “hoodoos” in the Southwestern state parks like Bryce Canyon or Canyonlands. The quartz can also look someimes to be hanging on barely to the limestone.

Folks come from all over the world to find this unusual combination in stone and I happen to live an hour away.

I love the small ones!

DSCF8917 DSCF8918 DSCF8919 DSCF8920 DSCF8921 DSCF8922 DSCF8923 DSCF8924 DSCF8927 DSCF8928 DSCF8929 DSCF8930 DSCF8931 DSCF8932 DSCF8934 DSCF8935 DSCF8936 DSCF8937 DSCF8938 DSCF8939 DSCF8940 DSCF8941

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2 Responses to Murphy-fest!!!

  1. Dan Balsley says:


    Very nice.


  2. Steve says:

    Nice photos mate! They are some good looking stones 🙂

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